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Dentures at Tijuana Dentist Center in Tijuana

At our dental clinic, the dentists have perfected the preparation of high quality dentures and partials. This the right place to come to for dental appliances.

When you have had to have teeth extracted, there is always the time proven method of replacing your lost teeth with dentures. The good news is that today, there are a lot better types of dentures available than the kind you saw grandma putting into a glass at night to soak. The older style, acrylic dentures, are still available, but they are a little more bulky and are more easily broken than some of the newer types of dentures we have available, such as Valplast, Lucetone, and Megaflex. Below, you will find more information on dentures, partial dentures, and materials used.

Full denture VS partial denture:
A full denture is used when all the teeth in an arch are extracted. On the upper arch, the palette is covered with a piece of denture material in order to create enough suction to hold the denture up. Sometimes denture adhesive is needed to keep the full dentures in place so that they don't "flop around" when you talk or eat. If a few teeth can be saved, it is always better to keep them, and use a partial denture. A partial is a denture that is made to clip onto existing teeth. By using the existing teeth, it gives the denture a lot more stability, and denture adhesive is not required.

Immediate dentures:
When a patient needs to have a number of teeth extracted, the best thing to do is make an immediate denture. it is called that, because the denture is made up from impressions made prior to the extractions. That way the denture is ready to put in immediately after the teeth are extracted. this method is used so that the patient can leave the office with teeth. Otherwise, they would have to go around without teeth until the gums are healed up.  Usually, we will make the immediate dentures of a lesser quality, less expensive acrylic material. This is because after a few months, the gums will heal and shrink down and be smaller, thus the dentures get loose. Although the dentures can be relined to be made to fit better, after about 6 to 12 months, we can make a high quality denture that will have a much better fit, and will look and feel much better. An immediate denture runs about $285 per plate, is made of acrylic, with acrylic teeth.

Premium dentures:
Premium dentures can be made of Lucetone, Valplast, and Megaflex. These are materials that are much stronger than acrylic, and are almost unbreakable as they have a little flexibility. They are also thinner than acrylic, and feel less bulky in your mouth. The premium dentures cost $535 per plate with acrylic teeth, but premium teeth can be used at an additional cost.

Premium denture teeth:
Standard teeth are made of acrylic. They look good, but not as natural as premium teeth. also, you have to take care when you clean them, as a tooth brush van start to leave little scratches that dull the finish.  Premium teeth look very natural, and are made of very hard material that maintains its appearance. Premium teeth are made of either resin composite material, similar to what is used in white fillings, or of porcelain. The cost of upgrading to resin teeth is $120 per plate. The cost of upgrading to porcelain teeth is $165 per plate..   

A flipper is a short, temporary, clip on denture used to replace one or two teeth. It is usually used for just a week or two, up to a few months. The cost is around $150.

Temporary partials:
A temporary partial is used to temporarily replace multiple teeth. It is made of acrylic, with metal clips to hold on to the existing teeth. It is not meant to be used more that a few months, and the cost is $150. 

Metal frame partials;
This is a traditional type of partial. it is made of a cast metal frame that the teeth are mounted on, as well as gum colored material. It has metal clips to hold on to the existing teeth. The advantage of this type of partial is that it gives good support to the gums, and it is strong. It takes a little longer for the lab to create it, and it can also come with the clips made if flexible, gum colored material.the cost of this partial is $565. It takes the lab about 4 days to make one.

Flexible clip partials:
This is the most aesthetic type of partial. It is made of Lucetone, and has flexible lucetone, gum colored clips. It is very hard to notice this partial in your mouth, since the clips are blending in. It is sturdy and not breakable like the temporary partials made of acrylic. The cost for one of these partials is $565. It takes the lab about 2 days to make one.

Your Tijuana dentist can advise you as to which type of materials used will be the best for your own particular dental situation.