The prices are 75% less than in USA! 
The Quality of  Dental Care is Excellent!
Payment for Services:

For the best price, we ask that payment to be made with cash. We can also take travelers checks, a bank money order or a cashiers check. (Please ask for payee information before you have bank checks made out). 

You can make a VISA or MASTERCARD payment at the clinic, (additional fees apply).  

We ask for 1/2 the payment when we start treatment, and the balance is required upon completion. 

​Interested in cosmetic and medical procedures? We have partnered with Samaritan Medical Group Medical Group Medical Group to offer to our patients medical services as well. MEDAC can do all medical procedures, and features one of the Top Plastic Surgeons in Tijuana. 

 Click here to see Before and after photos of our Tijuana Dental work.
Tijuana Dentist Center offers a very low cost solution to the very expensive cost of dentistry in the USA. Our prices range from 1/3 to 1/4 the price for the same treatments done in US clinics. Our doctors are very well trained, and because of the large numbers of patients coming over the border for dental treatments in Mexico, we have a lot of experience.  At our clinic can do every type of procedure from crowns, to root canals, to bridges, dentures, to dental implants, at a very low cost.Our staff can all converse well in English. Our patient coordinator, Arnulfo, was raised in San Diego, and of course speaks English fluently.   

Dental tourism may be the solution for your needs. Getting work done in Mexico can help your budget during this recession. At Dental Art International, you get great quality treatments for a fraction of the price. Hundreds of people regularly come to our clinic. You can do the same. We will help you all the way. It is very easy to drive or walk across the border to our office in Tijuana.  

Why choose Tijuana Dentist Center?

1. We offer very low prices for our work. 
When considering whether to go outside the US for dental work, the biggest motivator is to save money. Looking at our treatment price list you can compare our prices to the average prices charged in the US. You can easily see that the savings realized more than makes up the cost of airfare and lodging. Most people find that it is well worth the expenses of the trip.  Also, Tijuana is the most easily accessible destination for dental tourism, as we are  right next to San Diego, CA.  The cost of travel is minimal compared to far off destinations like Costa Rica, or Thailand. If for some reason your treatments require a second trip, those other places really seem a long ways away. 

2. We are one of the closest clinics to the US border.  Crossing the border into a different country can be a fearsome thing to those who have never done it before.  Once you get to Tijuana, you will find that things are pretty calm, and it is actually a very colorful and interesting place. Nevertheless, for the first timer, and for those who just want to get the dental work done, you don't have to wander in downtown to find us.  Our location is easy to find. When you walk out the gate from Mexican Customs, you will find us, located in the large medical building, MEDAC, which is across the plaza from the McDonalds.

3. We take pride in the services we provide and in our integrity.  
Some dentists on both sides of the border, only think about making money, and often recommend treatments that may not be needed.  We promise to only recommend a dental treatment that is based on the best interests of the patient. We will lay out the options, and you will tell us what you want us to do.  We want you to leave happy with the experience you have had at our dental clinic. A positive referral to your friends is our best advertising.  

4. We guarantee our dentistry: 
We stand behind the dental work done in our Tijuana dental clinic. If something fails from workmanship, or materials, we will fix it here, at no cost to you.  

Tijuana Dentist Center has moved to a brand new modern dental facility. 

​For patients who fly into San Diego Airport, we can arrange transportation!

Is it safe in Tijuana? Yes, you are safer than in many major US Cities. Click here: 

Cross back over the US Border with a FAST PASS.  As you may have heard, because of the new border construction, the line to cross back to the US has been longer. For patients willing to drive across, we can give them a pass for the medical lane. To cross in this lane normally takes just 20 minutes

Tijuana dentistry has gained the attention of Americans everywhere who are looking to dental tourism as an economical solution to their needs. The staff at Dental Art International takes pride in being able to help our patients receive quality care in Mexico at 1/4 the price that dentists will charge in the US. We have had many patients who have had cosmetic dentistry, dental implants,  dentures, bridges, and crowns.  They are not only happy with our Mexico dentist prices, and being able to afford the dental work in Mexico, but they are also pleased with the resulting quality of the dentistry.  We simply enjoy the look on their faces when they see their new smile, sometimes with tears of joy. The patients can't wait to show off their new smile to all their friends, and recommend us as their dentists in Mexico.  If you are in need of dental work, and decide to choose us as your dentists, know that you will be in good hands. We will endeavor to take care of all your needs. We can help you with everything from being picked up at the San Diego airport, to your hotel reservations in Tijuana, and getting back and forth from your hotel to our dental office.
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"I want to express my appreciation for the excellent work done at your clinic on my teeth.  I was very self conscious about my smile, but the dentist worked a miracle on my teeth. Not only were the results great, but I also found that everything was very clean, sterile, and professionally done. Thank you for such a positive experience. My friends have been waiting to see how my Mexico work turned out, and I am sure you van expect some of them to come and see you."  
Nancy L. from  El Cajon, CA

"When my dentist in Las Vegas gave me the price of a dental make over, I was shocked. He actually suggested that I take out a second mortgage on my home to pay for it.  I am so happy I found you guys at Implant Art in Tijuana.  Not only did I save 20K, but I am convinced that the work done at your clinic was of a higher caliber. All I can say is, I LOVE MY SMILE!. Thank you for a job very well done. I'll be sending all my friends."   
John M., Las Vegas, NV
Tijuana Dentist Center, your dentist in Mexico
Cosmetic Dentistry is affordable in Tijuana, and is top quality!

For those who are concerned about travel in Tijuana and Baja California,  this video will give you an honest perspective.
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